Following Christ


The people who loved Jesus and witnessed the crucifixion didn’t know the end of the story. The only thing they knew was the Man who did miracles, who promised a coming kingdom, who was their friend, died a gruesome death. What were they going to do?

5 Qualities of Any Good Church Leader


“The two Epistles of Timothy are packed full with advice for ministers within the church. Paul clearly laid out all the expectations on those that choose to work for God and His church. These range from how to treat widows to personal characteristics that are required. While there is a lot of information to take in, a lot of it can be collected together into 5 general qualities that make up a good minister of Christ, be they pastor, deacon, or any other position within the church…”

The Danger with Similarities: Looking at Grapes


“The incidents resulting from similarities can oscillate from amusing to frustrating, producing on their way entertainment or disaster. No wonder God exhorts us to not lean on our own understanding (Prov. 3:5). For if Jacob used a counterfeit to deceive Isaac, and Tamar beguiled Judah through semblance, the devil can surely get the best of us unless a greater than ourselves intervenes on our behalf. Discernment belongs to Him and He has the authority to give it to whom He will or take it away (Job 12:20)…”

A Smorgasbord Of Thoughts


“Sometimes I think it is good to just write without thinking too much about how it is all going to fit together. This post is going to be like a collage of thoughts, some ideas connected and some not—a sort of ramble I suppose, but hopefully a meaningful one…”

The Gideon Effect: Why People May Be Leaving Your Church


“The church’s mission is not only to spread the gospel of the kingdom, but also to be representations of the kingdom—to be salt and light. The writer of Ecclesiastes gives me great comfort in revealing that there are times and seasons in life (Eccl. 3), likewise, with the church. When coupled together, we realize that there may be a time when God is specifically calling our church or church plants to gear up for something awesome…”

Why Do We Say Amen?


“Let’s be honest: how often have we said the word “Amen” and not really known what we are saying or why we are even saying it?…The Hebrew word and its Greek counterpart in their simplest forms mean something that is firm, sure and truthful…”