Truly Loving God Requires Knowing Him


“When the beginning point in our thinking is a correct understanding of God, the ripple effect is a right understanding of all other doctrines, which is a central component in loving God with all our minds…”

Practice Makes Perfect: Joseph’s Integrity

CC Photo by Ian Muttoo via Flickr

“Joseph began resisting when there was no temptation. At some point, Joseph determined what his actions would and wouldn’t be in certain situations, quite possibly long before he lived in Egypt. In his mind, he practiced what he would do—he determined the boundaries of his integrity before there was a temptress…Mrs. Potiphar grabbed Joseph; Joseph had to be pre-prepared…”

A Settled Peace: How I Know I’m Saved

CC Photo by Worldizen via Flickr

“…But then, somewhere along the way this settled peace was disturbed. The wonders of His grace, wrought through Christ and His atoning work became obscured… not because I read some book countering Christianity and was swayed by the arguments, but because I came across Scriptures that at least at first glance, seemed to show that my salvation was a lot more flimsy and shaky than I first imagined. Perhaps you can identify with this…”

Training Days: Walking in Faith

CC Photo by Susanne Nilsson

“…The believer who masters the big challenges has mastered many, many smaller challenges—some that seem insignificant. If you feel like your faith legs aren’t strong enough to hold you up while everyone else bows down, begin today being faithful when no one can see your faithfulness…”

Rejoice in the Keeping Power of God

CC Photo by Linh Nguyen

“As He concludes his letter, Jude expresses his total confidence in God’s ability in keeping the believer in Christ secure in his salvation. It is certainly interesting to note that Jude both begins and ends his short letter with this same theme about God’s keeping power…”

Why Our Faith In God Is So Critical

“Our faith in God is symbolic of us reaching back to Him in response to what He has accomplished by grace through Christ. In all honesty, trusting God can really be a daunting task particularly in rough time, but faith is something that’s very powerful and transformative…”

Discovering the Benefits of Weakness

CC Photo by Sippanont Samchai

“Have you ever lived through a crisis that later put you in a position to help someone else going through the same thing? How many of us have turned to a friend who could say “I know exactly how you feel” because they have been there themselves? Sooner or later, there will come a time when we will all have the opportunity to give and receive needed comfort and support in difficult times.”

3 Things I’ve Learned About God’s Discipline

CC Photo by Ibai

“There was a point in my life that I believe God chastened (corrected) me, and I can tell you it was one of the best things (spiritually) and worst things (physically) that has ever happened to me. He had to get my attention by slowing me down with illness long enough to re-focus my life. I’m not where I need to be, but I can tell you I haven’t been the same since…in a good way…”

Salvation & Loving God Genuinely

CC Photo by Agustin Rafael Reyes

“I was saved when I was six. I remember that I was excited about it. Over the years it faded further into the shadows of my mind. I had so many other things to worry about. Eventually I was not quite sure of what salvation was any longer. Was it a free gift from God, and all I had to do was to accept Jesus Christ as my Savior, or did it require me to live according to certain rules, and to do good works?”