Trusting God At All Times


  It’s easy to trust God when things are going our way. It’s easy to put our faith in Him when He’s been doing things that we like. But, what about when our prayers go unanswered, or worse, just the opposite way? What went wrong? When this happens, it can feel like God has abandoned […]

Why Common Grace Should Amaze Us


“The Lord Himself appeared to this young lady. The brightness of His glory filled the room. He didn’t say a word, but in that moment, He stretched out His hand to her and she was totally caught up with the look in His eyes of the greatest love and compassion in the world…”

Helping Children Mourn When A Loved One Dies

“When our children’s hearts are bruised and battered it feels like part of our mother’s heart is dying. We want to shield them from all the world throws at them on a daily basis. We long to carve out a space where we can shelter them from daily arrows that plunge into their innocence. I have sat helplessly as my children have endured one tragedy after another…”