The Gideon Effect: Why People May Be Leaving Your Church


“The church’s mission is not only to spread the gospel of the kingdom, but also to be representations of the kingdom—to be salt and light. The writer of Ecclesiastes gives me great comfort in revealing that there are times and seasons in life (Eccl. 3), likewise, with the church. When coupled together, we realize that there may be a time when God is specifically calling our church or church plants to gear up for something awesome…”

Why Do We Say Amen?


“Let’s be honest: how often have we said the word “Amen” and not really known what we are saying or why we are even saying it?…The Hebrew word and its Greek counterpart in their simplest forms mean something that is firm, sure and truthful…”

Licking Your Wounds


“As believers, we don’t need to rely on dreams. God gave His word to us. He put some skin in the game. He wrote down His promises so there would be no misunderstanding. God tells the believer the final outcome and He shares the promises of the journey. The steps in between—those require faith—faith in the truth of the promises.”

The Waiting is the Hardest Part


“Impatience has a couple of siblings: worry and doubt. So, if God has you attending classes as well, you have encountered all three. The three seem intertwined—almost inseparable. No? As a believer if I truly believe God’s promises, I should not experience worry. God promises He is in control of every situation. When doubt creeps in, worry begins. Impatience is the action of worry. Impatience plays itself out in impetuous, desperate actions…”

God Has Deadlines Too


“…I have learned to take life moment-by-moment trusting in the leading of the Lord. Why would I give a deadline? It will all work out in God’s timing…right? There was something that really stuck with me the whole day, though. It was the word deadline. It was almost as if it had jumped out of the conversation and landed right on the end of my nose. It was right in front of me all day! I just couldn’t shake the thought…”

Words Do Matter


“We run into massive problems when we attempt to strip words of their meanings or give them new meanings altogether. For example, relevant is defined as “having significant and demonstrable bearing on the matter at hand.” But is this what anyone really means when they talk about the relevance of Christianity?”