The Adventurous Life


“I think all of us have ascertained how much adventure the physical actuality can generate. But what about the vivid factuality of the non-atomic world? How many mind-blowing experiences are therein hidden, discoverable only by those who penetrate beyond the veil of the ephemeral?”

Am I Blessed?


“Am I blessed? If I’m blessed now, was I not blessed when I was poor? Is this why it’s so difficult to understand Paul’s boasting in his weakness? Is it possible to have a Godly view of trials if we don’t have a Godly view of blessings?”

Love Deficit Disorder


“We can hang on, tooth and toenail, to the old, wounded, angry, sullen, self-centered flesh we are so familiar with, and keep on being disappointed. Or, we can give it all up and let Him take over the reins…”

The Aging & Changing Years of Marriage: Are You Ready?

Golden Years

“In marriage, there will always be aging and change. Just because we get married and settled down does not mean that the world quits revolving around the sun. Seasons come and seasons go. All the while we live out our day-to-day schedule of events and before you know it, days turn into weeks, weeks into months, and months into years…”

Overcoming Bullying With Love


“Being bullied was probably one of the worst moments in my life. When someone chose me as their victim I didn’t have a choice of what was happening to me, it just happened. Trying to avoid the situation made the bullier even worse in their actions…”