The Path to Glory

CC Photo by Apple and Pear Australia Ltd

“…The cross was not a mistake. It was the showcase of God’s love for humanity. It would change the disciples’ perspective. It would change how they looked at their friend. The cross would change everything for the rest of time…”

Cast Your Burdens on the Lord

CC Photo by Alex

“As Christians, we need to cast our burdens onto the Lord because he has given us the promise that he will sustain us, strengthen us, care for us, give us rest, and will give us peace. There is no sense in worrying about matters that the Lord will handle when he gives us so many promises…”

God’s Kingdom: As It Is In Heaven

CC Photo by Rossana Ferreira

“Jesus in His lesson on prayer tells His followers to pray God’s kingdom will come and His will be done here, as in heaven. As I think, Wow! The earth couldn’t be farther from being like heaven than it is now –I realize I’m guilty of the same mindset the first disciples held…”